Mt Field National Park

Mt Field National Park, 80 km from Hobart is Tasmania s oldest national park. It is one of the island s most beautiful national parks, featuring waterfalls, mountains, eucalyptus forests, lakes, alpine moorlands, and abundant wildlife.

The park is home to numerous walks the most popular of which is to Russell Falls, accessible even for those in a wheelchair. Other short walks include the Tall Trees Walk, Pandoni Grove Walk, Horseshoe Falls, and Lady Barron Falls. Longer walks include Marriott s Falls and Lakes Belton and Belcher. Be advised that cross country skis or snowshoes may be required for some longer walks during winter.

Mt. Field s plant life is incredibly diverse, and the park is unique in that its plant diversity increases with altitude. Hundreds of plant species have been discovered within the park, including 13 types listed as rare in Tasmania. The Pandoni Grove Walk around Lake Dobson is a great place to discover some of the park s unique alpine plants.

The park is also known for its abundant wildlife. The vast majority of Tasmania's native terrestrial and arboreal mammals live within the park. Animals that are either extinct (including the last Tasmanian tiger), or extinct on mainland Australia live (or have lived) within the park. 11 of the 12 bird species endemic to Tasmania, including the Tasmanian hen, are found within the park. Other important bird species include the clinking currawong and the endemic black currawong. Endemic reptiles and amphibians, notably the Tasmanian froglet and the southern snow skink, call the park home.

A National Park Pass is required otherwise, National Park fees are $12 per person/day or $24 per vehicle/day (seating up to 8).